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Digital countryside

Cortilia brings directly to your home fresh products from the countryside near you. We’ve been asked to fully re-design the whole online and offline identity.


Choose a recipe and than shopping

Ever experienced to buy products in your grocery store and once at home don’t even know how to make a recipe with them? Well, we have inverted the process: first you choose a recipe, then buy the products you need, in one click.

Shopping subscription

Recurring shopping feature let users buy products automatically without even access to website, setting a custom timeframe.

Buy food with consciousness

Any product that Cortilia sell, is from a farm located near the user address, harvest fresh and delivered to client’s home. Users can make healthier spending thanks to Boxes, which are only filled with seasonal products available.

iOS & Android App

Mobile apps have any feature we designed for the e-commerce, re-worked to have a perfect usability.

Offline advertising

We also developed the concept for the advertising campaign billboards and some other nice stuff.

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